Saturday, 25 June 2011


By Richard Jay Parker

In a week chock full of negatives it was great to be pleasantly surprised by some positive energy generated by two generous people who have contacted me.

The first was a talented concert pianist and piano professor, Marilina Tzelepi Pateras, who got in touch and offered to set up a Facebook page for me.  I've already got a personal page but she suggested an official place for posting the latest news.  You can see the page HERE.  Thanks, Marilina. 

The second was a reveiwer, Martha Cheves.  Martha is the author of the cookbook STIR, LAUGH, REPEAT and runs a great site called A BOOK AND A DISH.  On it she reviews a book and has the author contribute their favourite recipe.  She was kind enough to review STOP ME last year and, as books and food are probably my favourite activities, I was happy to chuck in my own dish.

Martha is about to publish the reviews and recipes as an ebook for 99c with all the proceeds going to an animal shelter charity.  If you're a fiction writer with a published work and like your tucker as much as I do then it's worth getting in touch.  I'll be posting this new book on my site as soon as it's available.  You can also see my review and recipe HERE

To the kitchen now.  Just talking about this has made me hungry.

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  1. Martha's lovely. She wrote fantastic reviews of my books - and you've just reminded me that she wanted a review copy of Dead End so I'm really pleased you posted about her here and reminded me. I must check that my publisher has sent her one.