Tuesday, 12 October 2010

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"Road Closed is the second crime novel by Leigh Russell, featuring Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel. We were first introduced to Steel in the gritty and totally addictive debut novel, Cut Short, and once again Russell is in top form with this new crime thriller...
Like all good crime and thriller writers, Russell gives us just enough morsels of information in each page-turning chapter to whet our appetites for the bigger banquet at the end of the book. Road Closed is a gripping, fast-paced read, pulling you in from the very first tense page and keeping you captivated right to the end with its refreshingly compelling and original narrative. The rapidly building fan base of Russell and Steel will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment, tentatively titled Dead End..."

Leigh Russell

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  1. Dead End is now on my publisher's website http://www.noexit.co.uk - publication date June 2011 to coincide with the next reprint of Cut Short. This will be the 4th or 5th reprint (sorry - I ought to know but have lost count...) This time Cut Short will be printed in the larger B format to match Road Closed and Dead End. Road Closed is keeping up, by the way, with a reprint just done, so it is selling as well as Cut Short did at this stage. So far so good...