Friday, 10 September 2010

Done it again!

Quick bit of news to share - ROAD CLOSED is being reprinted. Seems to be doing as well as CUT SHORT which sold out 3 times in a year. Leigh Russell


  1. Hey, hey! Very good news. And good for me, too, since I don't own them yet and I keep meaning to pick them up.
    So little time for reading these days! Sigh!
    They are sitting in my cart at Amazon, along with Richard's and I
    Well done,

  2. Go on, James, hit that button! But I know what you mean. The downside of writing is that I now have very little time for reading. Oh well, I'd better be off. Another book to write... I've finished the 1st draft of DEAD END, out next year, and am 60,000 words into the next one in the series. Ain't no stopping me now!