Friday 20 November 2009

Our Battle With Steve

by Matt Lynn

The Guardian's diary has picked up on our, er, discussion with Steve Mosby over on his blog and ours.

But, hey, before this turns into WWIII, maybe we should call a truce. I'm not sure there is anything left to be said on the subject anyway. And, Steve, we'll buy you a drink at the next thriller festival.


  1. Steve - if you're reading this - you won't regret it if you take Matt up on his offer. Anyone who's met him will agree. I'm not saying this because he's the leader of the gang (despite his protestations) but because he is quite simply one of the most agreeable people I've ever met.

  2. A drink, you say? Well, if you insist...

    Look, seriously, the point all along - as I tried to keep saying - was not to have a go at the individual authors involved. Despite my swearing and vitriol, which are genetic, I genuinely do wish you all well. As Tom (whoever the XXXX he is, cough cough) said, it's a tough market. My issue was only ever with one aspect of your marketing strategy. It's not a case of calling a truce. I wrote a blog, saying what I thought, still believe it, and that's that. But it's honestly never been personal or ongoing from my point of view.

    It's possible I'll see you at the CWA do next month? If not, we can all have a big fight ... sorry, I mean drink, at CrimeFest in Bristol next year.