Friday, 9 December 2011

Curl Up With A Friend

By Richard Jay Parker

With Christmas fast approaching most of us will soon be immersed in the hectic activities that lead up to it.  Within a few weeks it will be upon us and, as usual, we'll be exhausted, enjoying the end result and, maybe, we'll be able to briefly relax.

There's always one ritual I make room for during the holidays that I've mentioned in this blog before and that's spending some quality time with my bookshelf.  During the year it leans patiently against the wall largely ignored.  OK there's one portion of it that houses a stack of new books to work my way through but the rest of its contents are scarcely glanced at.

I always like to pull a few favourites off the neglected shelves, flick through them and realise how many books I have that I'd like to read again.  I'll select a few for consumption over the holidays - old friends and guilty pleasures - and if I manage to work through half the stack I'll be happy.

It's a nice opportunity to remind myself of the time when I didn't analyse them so much and thought of them as intriguing objects that fed my imagination.

Am glancing at the shelf now but will resist the urge until I have the time to pay them the proper respect.  There's a few shopping miles to cover before then...

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