Friday, 17 June 2011


By Richard Jay Parker

There would certainly be plenty of takers for that position - even if the following details were added:


Long, anti-social hours. No guaranteed prospects. Will not require telephone manner as, chances are, phone will rarely ring. High rejection threshold a must. Insane optimism essential.

The fact is, most of us know the risks when we take the job. It's one of the few vocations where it's universally acceped that there's not much money in it. If it's a fast buck you're after then you may as well hand the card back. But, of course, there are the big success stories. Exciting things can happen.

It's the creative fulfillment that most of us pursue, however. The prospect of seeing our thoughts published or realised as a play, movie etc. It's the ultimate goal that drives us on and justifies our journey over the obstacle course.

It's why we gleefully sign up for a job that is predicated on the assumption that we'll eventually get a nibble of a carrot that's being dangled over a razor-filled swamp.

Nothing worth having is ever easy. Sometimes those words can wear thin but when you're the only person who can sack you it's easier to carry on than clear your desk. Where can you really take that sad box with the laptop and desklamp in it?

Better do some work now.

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