Friday, 3 June 2011


By Richard Jay Parker

As some of you may have gathered by now, due to intense Twitter activity, the STOP ME ebook is now available for download.

This is a whole new ballgame for me and the idea that it's already been pre-ordered by lots of readers willing to give it a go is pretty exciting. The notion of it being auto-delivered to their ereaders before they go off on their holidays/vacation as well as my story being added to the portable libraries of others responding to Amazon reviews etc has also got me quite animated.

But it's just a digitised version of the book and nothing significant to trumpet about, right?

If you've read any of my meanderings on this blog about paperbacks vs ebooks you'll know that I believe one format need not negate the other and that readers will choose which is the most convenient.

The ebook means that readers can check out the sample chapter on my website and, if they want to proceed to chapter two, can be reading the whole book in a matter of seconds. It's instantaneous and allows visitors to act upon the desire to read.

But there's still something equally as satisfying about ordering/picking up a book, stroking its cover and feeling its weight in your hands. Horses for courses.

I'm also very aware of the readers who invested their money in a trade or mass market paperback copy, have read it and are probably fed up with hearing the shameless promo. With them in mind, I've launched a holiday photo competition in conjunction with my publisher Allison and Busby which only requires a snap of their physical copy in a holiday situation - or just them reading it. Details HERE. All the images will be featured in a permanent gallery on the site and they have a chance to win great thrillers by Zoe Sharp and Elizabeth Corley.

I'm hoping that this will be a small thank you for reading my first book and something to do while I work up my second.

Download STOP ME ebook HERE

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