Friday, 9 July 2010


By Richard Jay Parker

There's another library panel coming up in August. Matt Lynn, Zoe Sharp and I will be travelling to Knaresborough on the 19th and talking writing and thrillers for an audience between 7.30 and 9 pm. Details HERE

I've done a few of these events now and as well as being great fun they've also served to remind me of what a vital role local libraries play for communities everywhere. I joined my small local library recently and rediscovered the joys of literary serendipity. There's a larger, plush library in town which has an impressive array of the latest releases but I also enjoy the more personal touch of local librarians and sampling titles I might not usually select (the inclusion of which they've had to consider carefully due to lack of space). A recent holiday was much richer because of it and I got turned on to two authors that I probably wouldn't have put top of my tbr list.

Libraries of all sizes offer so much more than people realise from access to local information, journals, Internet, talking books, DVDs, as well as the facility to request books you want to read.

Moreover, they're still a social centre and many of the ones I've been visiting have a very healthy itinerary of events. Let's hope the proposed government cuts don't bite too hard and try to support them. Long may they be open for business.


  1. Absolutely. They've been a part of my life, well all of my life. I can't imagine life without them.

  2. I do a massive number of talks in libraries and am a huge fan. I'm also helping to organise a Crime & the City event at Portsmouth library on 6 November,with a great group of crime writers lined up, and with the real CSI present - should be fun. Also like to add that coming from a non book home, if it hadn't been for my local library I would never have discovered the joy of reading and writing.

  3. Yes, long live libraries! They are so important--and just glorious fun.

  4. Thanks, Carrie. It seems a lot of people's lives would suffer with their absence.

    Hi Pauline. Sounds like a great event. Good to hear about your event and you keeping the crime flag flying.

    Thanks, Ev. Sounds like you've spent many happy hours in them.