Friday, 2 July 2010


By Richard Jay Parker

In direct competition with the shrill sound of Chichester Cathedral's peregrine falcons showing off to the observers assembled below three members of The Curzon Group (Matt Lynn, Tom Cain and Richard Jay Parker) converged on the local library and added their contribution to the summer festival.

After introductions and readings from action assassin thriller THE ACCIDENT MAN, twisty serial killer story STOP ME and exciting military page turner FIRE FORCE ,the intention was to dissect thriller writing amongst ourselves for half an hour before taking questions. However, the audience were keen to interact and we were pleased that so many of the questions asked led us to new areas of discussion.

We debated ebooks and if their introduction would see the way stories were written change. We agreed that the slider certainly presented more of a temptation to scan books. Matt expanded on this in relation to the way books are read by people with busy lives and how this is changing the speed of stories and structure of chapters. Tom cited a story about a recent appearance. Because it was a last minute booking he had to turn up without any books. However, somebody in the audience downloaded his book while he was talking. It was just a shame he couldn't sign it.

We ended up overrunning as we were asked questions about chapter cliffhangers, writing for international locations, story planning and the dangers of over researching.

Special thanks to Pam and Flic for making us so welcome. It was very tempting to stay in Chichester and scuttle into one of the inviting freehouses (I hadn't been to Chichester for some time and was keen to reacquaint myself) but unfortunately we all had to embark on our journeys home.

We look forward to visiting again.

(If you'd like The Curzon Group to visit your library then contact any of us through our respective websites)

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