Friday, 6 November 2009


With everyone’s schedules as busy as they are it sometimes seems like a small miracle to be able to synchronize enough authors for a Curzon Group meeting. Wednesday, however, we mustered a respectable turnout and also had the pleasure of some new company.

Zoe Sharp travelled down from Cumbria with her partner Andy. Zoe is the author of the hugely successful Charlie Fox series of thrillers about a female bodyguard as well as being a real life action woman. She has now joined The Curzon ranks and we're very excited to have her as part of the group.

Elizabeth Corley had just flown in from Germany but miraculously made it in time for the second course. Elizabeth's uncompromising but poignant series of DCI Fenwick books are immensely popular and a firm favourite with fans of eloquently written procedural crime. We're now lucky to count her as a member as well.

Was also great to have the presence of Tom Cain who seemed very happy with the cuisine.

So a very worthwhile evening and one that should have been at least a couple more bottles long. Next time, however, we’re going to overbook by at least two people so nobody has to dunk their elbows in the humous.


  1. I'm honoured and delighted to be joining you. Such a lively and varied bunch.

    It's going to be a lot of fun ...

  2. Great to have you on board, Zoe.