Monday, 23 November 2009

BORDERS the bookshop (...the what?)

I know it's not my turn to post but I want to share a little about my experience as a teacher. The closer my examination classes come to the end of their course, the more spats they have, fussing at one another over petty offences. More accusations of swiped pens, stolen bags, pushing in the lunch queue, and worse. Teachers have to remind them to focus on what is important - the charmingly called 'terminal examinations' that are fast approaching - while the pupils continue to seek to distract themselves with squabbles and scraps.
I've never been involved in a writers' spat before. I'm new to all this. It's fun, and I'm chuffed to be quoted in The Guardian (!) but I can't help wondering why we are devoting so much energy and words to the Curzon 'manifesto' when A MAJOR BOOKSHOP CHAIN IS ABOUT TO VANISH. We have our own terminal event looming. Does point scoring over who said what to whom about what really matter right now? Seems to me we have a REAL battle on our hands - but no one seems to have noticed.
Leigh Russell

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