Monday, 23 November 2009

To Fight ... or not to Fight

As anyone who has ever tried to argue with me can testify, I can be as combative, niggly and unrelenting as a pitbull with a migraine. I also like taking the piss, chiefly of myself, but also of others. Sometimes, however, I pick the wrong fight ...

Which is why I've deleted the post I put up earlier today. On reflection, i got the tone wrong and what was meant to be banter was clearly not taken as such. I could waste a great deal of time defending myself and digging a deeper hole, because the fact is i stand by my substantive points about (a) the irony of the Curzon Group being attacked for attacking people, and (b) the effectiveness of controversy and argument as means of generating attention ... but, really, life's too short.

So I'd rather hold my hand up and say, 'Enough already.' I got this post wrong. Let's call it a day and move on ...


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  2. As I said, I think we really do have a fight on our hands - a battle - but it's not with other writers.
    Leigh Russell