Friday, 8 June 2012

Flood Tide

By Richard Jay Parker

It seems to be the lot of writers to spend long months - sometimes years - waiting around for projects to take off and then have several come to fruition at the same time.  This leaves them yearning for the spare hours they had previously to try and cram all the editing in.

I find myself in just this situation but you certainly won't hear me complaining.  After a few frustrating close calls book 2 is now scheduled for publication in 2013 by exciting new crime imprint Exhibit A in the UK and the US.  It's a few months away but I know there will be plenty to do in the meantime.  I understand, like STOP ME, edits will be minor.  I'm a pretty brutal editor of my own work so it looks like my own savagery has paid off.

I'll have a steep promo wall to climb, however, so I'll have my work cut out when I'm not smashing the keyboard.

I'm going to use this blog as well as Facebook and Twitter to keep anyone interested up-to-date about the whole process as well as work on book 3 which is already underway.

On top of this I've a few other writing and editing projects to keep me occupied so the second half of the year looks to be even busier than the first.

Who needs a weekend off anyway?

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