Monday, 25 June 2012

Cold Arms Syndrome

By Richard Jay Parker

Was chatting to a Kindle convert on Friday night.  When people get enthusiastic about their new reading devices it's usually because of their ability to save space in their suitcase or the speed in which they can get hold of books by their favourite authors.

CAS (Cold Arm Syndrome) was something I hadn't considered.  When in bed (particularly during winter) the reader in question said their Kindle not only saved them having to support a weighty book but also meant they could dispense with having to have their arms outside the covers and exposed to the cold air.

They'd perfected the art of lying on their side and touching the kindle through the sheet to turn the page.

I love real books but I'm also all for Kindles and this was certainly something that improved the quality (and warmth) of their reading experience.  Not being a fan of pyjamas myself I would have been a hypocrite to suggest them.

Perhaps Kindle should use CAS as a new angle to sell them.

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