Friday, 8 April 2011

Nothing stops the writing

Under doctor’s orders to take it easy I may be, having recently been laid up with pneumonia, but it can be hard putting your life on hold.

Tomorrow is my first book signing since pneumonia hit. Hopefully I won’t peg out too early, especially as a newspaper which is running a feature on my books is sending a photographer along in the morning. Can’t you just see the headline? ‘Author sent to sleep by her own books’.

It’s great receiving invitations from stores asking to host book signings (though sadly I’ve had to decline over a dozen branches of Waterstones so far for 2011 - there just aren’t enough weeks in the year). But author promotion isn’t restricted to book signings. Already invited to appear at a number of literary festivals this year, I’m hoping to join some Curzon Group Panels again this year as they are always lively affairs!

Promotion can taxing, it can be fun, but it’s all froth on top of waves powered by unseen currents of writing. Dead End comes out in May, the next book has been delivered to my agent, and I’m 20,000 words into the one after that.

Nothing stops the writing.

Now, what was I saying about doctor’s orders?

Leigh Russell


  1. Hi, Leigh. Very glad that you are feeling better. Just be careful, okay. Don't overdue it!
    Looking forward to "Dead End".
    Have a great (restful) weekend.


  2. Thanks, James. I'm being very careful - don't want to fall ill again so I left after lunch today, as soon as I started to feel tired. I wasn't happy about leaving books on the table - only signed 40 - but I'm returning to that store at the beginning of June so hope to sign the remaining books then - along with Dead End! Thank you very much for your interest which I really appreciate. I hope you're feeling well and doing lots of writing!