Friday, 13 August 2010

Where's The Next Book?

By Richard Jay Parker

It's a question that I've been asked a lot recently and I'm flattered that so many people are eager to read my next stand alone thriller. Book 2 is certainly no easier than book 1 and I've been spending a lot of time rewriting as well as completely rethinking the plot. Through this process, however, I've now got not one but two projects that my agent is excited about. I just have to finish writing them now.

I've been keeping busy in other departments. The year before last I wrote a script for a short horror movie which was produced by British screenwriter and now producer David McGillivray. A few weeks ago David produced an even shorter movie of mine for a competition. One of the judges is Neill Blomkamp (director of the excellent DISTRICT 9) and the only criteria for entry is that you have to encapsulate a story in one minute. Go and have a look at last year's entries HERE - particularly THE BLACK HOLE. My script (ESTRANGED) was shot a couple of weeks ago and we're now just waiting for a CGI blood effect to be added before it's entered.

I haven't really written many short stories recently but I couldn't resist contributing to CHINESE WHISPERINGS - a globally written anthology being put together by my Twitter friends at Emergent Publishing. It's a pretty pitch black story with a twist called ONE BEHIND THE EYE and I had great fun writing it. They're a new venture and a thoroughly nice bunch of people so if you're a writer interested in contributing something unique go and have a look at the site HERE. They've got lots of other projects in the pipeline. Editors are Jodi Cleghorn (Australia) and Paul Anderson (UK) and you can find them on Twitter or via the site.

I had a flat start to the week so was inspired by this story about librarians in Southampton reacting with vigour to planned redundancies. All power to them.

Why a flat start to the week? I didn't make the last four for the CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger Award. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. However, I was so pleased that STOP ME got into the shortlist of 8 debut novels so have this fact as a massive consolation.

The final four final nominations are:

Acts of Violence Ryan David Jahn
Rupture Simon Lelic
The Holy Thief William Ryan
The Pull of the Moon Diane Janes

Big congratulations to them and a 'never mind, eh?' to Leigh Russell, Craig Robertson and Rory Clements for getting as close as I did. My Amazon sales have certainly gone up so I'm grateful that being shortlisted for such a prestigious award has encouraged so many readers to give STOP ME a go.

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  1. I tried to get my work picked up by the paperback imprints without success after reading that 'we' need more British Thriller writers. I've had seven thrillers published but haven't had an agent for years because no-one would take me on. I am now branching out into POD, and my first novel NORTH SLOPE (1980) will be released later this year. I'm with Acclaimed Book Ltd. It's a cooperative of which I'm a member. AB was formed by like minded writers to promote their own works. We are in our infancy but have four novels, all available on Amazon in our book store at Good luck with your self promotion. You can see more of me at

  2. You don't need an award to be a winner...sweet huh? Seriously, damn!, I wanted you to win :)
    You certainly have had a fair share on your plate! No wonder book 2 is not in my hands yet! Oh well, My Grandma always said "All good things to those who wait" the wait for book 2 will no doubt be worthwhile. This was a brilliant subject choice for your blog seeing as there's this woman across the pond who is a tad impatient and curiously wondering why book 2 isn't out yet! Get some sleep ;)

  3. Thanks for swinging by, Michael. Glad to hear you've found a way through with your work. Will take a look at your site. Best of luck with NORTH SLOPE.

    Thanks, Susan. Will obviously be posting progress on book 2 here and on my site. Hope to be entertaining you again soon.