Wednesday, 18 August 2010


By Richard Jay Parker

I'm writing my blog a little earlier because I've got a busy end to the week. However, posting on Wednesday seems very apt given the subject matter.

I'm at what I call a Wednesday point with my writing projects at the moment. Like reaching this day of the week it means that everything is thoroughly underway but still not near enough to the weekend. It's the point when a lot of us flounder and get a bit jaded because we're not quite on the happy run up to the end and there's still substantial work to be done.

Anyone reading this in the UK will be just passing this crisis point because it's nearly Thursday but readers in earlier time zones will still be experiencing this familiar Wednesday frustration.

I have to push on to get over the hump but in reality this actually means a few weeks more work instead of 24 hours. I'd love to have a creative rocket booster to get me through but I know that it's a matter of buckling down before I can take my feet off the pedals.

So, before I mix any more metaphors, I'd beter get back to work.

Thursday tomorrow!

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  1. Well friend, early or not, your blog couldn't have come at a better time for myself!(smile). Simply be proud and feel good that "things" are underway, moving ahead and before you know it, you'll have your "weekend". I'd say "Happy Hump Day"...but I'm not sure if you UK folk use that I will say..Happy Writing :)