Friday, 9 April 2010


By Richard Jay Parker

The Twitterscape can be a strange terrain for a writer. On Wednesday I was told by Chiara Priorelli, publicity ace at my publisher Allison & Busby, that I was on the shortlist for the Author Blog Awards being run by Completely Novel. There are 28 writers nominated including nice people that I've been in touch with via Twitter like romance author Liz Fielding as well as the monumental likes of Paulo Coelho and Neil Gaiman. I remarked to a friend that the words 'snowball' and 'hell' seem terribly relevant re my chances of winning.

It's great to have made it onto the list though so I have to thank anyone out there who nominated me and those of you who have been in touch to say they've voted for me. I guess the accumulating flocks of random meanderings I've been tweeting when I should have been writing have landed somewhere.

It seems like a great idea for an award that Completely Novel have come up with. There's a lot of passionate people out there, besides writers, who put a lot of energy into their blogs and it's something that seems largely without recognition. There's journalistic awards for work that is as ephemeral as it is vital so maybe this new platform is due a bit more recognition. It certainly is an unquantifiable aid for writers but one that seems to be becoming a recognised cog of the industry. See Katie Allen's article in The Bookseller

As well as my own publisher, Quartet Books, Bloomsbury, Faber, Mills & Boon and Headline are also supporting the prize by donating books as prizes to those who vote. Voting closes on April 16th and the winners will be announced at the London Book Fair official tweetup on 20th April. Looks like fun.

Vote for your fave 'Tweeters Who Probably Should Be Spending More Time Writing' HERE

Happy weekend.



  1. That's lovely, well done.

  2. Congrats on being in the short list. I did vote/nominate you too. I enjoy reading your blogs and your twitter comments. Not to mention that your book was awesome. You deserve the recognition!

  3. I shall look forward to meeting you at the tweetup, Richard. I agree, it is a wonderful thing Completely Novel has done here--and I'm thrilled to be on the shortlist too. We are a very diverse lot.

    Lucy Coats @

  4. I enjoy reading thrillers and will make a point of reading your work. Good luck with the award.

  5. Thanks for swinging by, suzsspace. Much appreciated.

    It's great to have support, grumpybybirth. And I'm glad you enjoyed STOP ME.

    Thanks, Lucy. Looking forward to it.

    Hope you'll let me know what you think of my book, anonymous.