Thursday, 15 October 2009


The Internet is a pretty unquantifiable entity and it’s difficult to gauge how much of an author’s efforts to promote their book online actually translate into worthwhile results. There are so many cracks for your hard work to fall down and it’s very time consuming. A little like writing the book in the first place.

The accepted wisdom is that Internet publicity is good even though there are plenty of pitfalls and horror stories. A writer friend of mine went on a virtual tour to promote his book, launched a competition and ticked every conceivable cyber promo box only to watch his sales plummet lower than they had before.

But every now and again it can surprise you. In the last week I’ve been sent links to two pages that featured my book. This one (second one down) was a review of STOP ME that I was more than pleased with and this one materialised last night.

To use a rather laboured Frankenstein analogy – the Internet is an uncontrollable monster that seldom does your bidding but occasionally comes home with an armful of something sexy.

The real trick is balancing your time between feeding the monster and attending to more important surgery. I’ll stop using the Frankenstein analogy now.

I would say that writing is the most important thing, however, and if you don’t have time for writing and promo I would always plump for writing. After all, if your work’s not finished what is there to sell to (I’m hoping that’s not a real website but what the hell – click the link)

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