Thursday, 30 July 2009

support local bookshops

On Thursday I took time out from promoting Cut Short - and writing Road Closed - to go to a book signing by Jeffery Deaver, one of the all time greats. No circulating around the bookshop inviting customers to take a look at his new book. He had queue. A QUEUE! Jeffery Deaver is not only a brilliant writer, he's really friendly. Of course I was there as a fan, buying a copy of his book, so why wouldn't he be nice? But he was very encouraging to me as a new author, way beyond my expectations.
Since then, I've returned to my local Waterstones for another signing. The staff there are beginning to feel like old friends. Fortunately it went well and the manager was pleased. On Monday I gave a talk at another library. A lovely lady who'd attended a previous talk of mine came along, which was a great compliment. I warned her she was probably going to hear the same again, but she seemed to enjoy it anyway. I should have taken her email. Next time... Today was a trip to pastures new (hence the late post) the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, a brilliant independent bookshop in a vibrant multicultural area of North London. It was a very enjoyable evening, and a pity for the bookshop that it was so poorly attended. I've said this before (and will no doubt say it again) - if readers don't support bookshops, there won't be any bookshops left to support. It ain't rocket science...
On Saturday I'll be signing in Henley-on-Thames, very different to Haringey. I'm trying to absorb all the different atmospheres of the places I'm visiting. So many authors write about far flung exotic places. Am I just exposing my own narrow experience when I claim there's an amazing variety within a few miles radius?
A few more signings and then we'll be off on the airport tour. I'm very excited about it. Who wouldn't be? East Midlands Airport at 5am! It reminds me of my misspent youth... but on the day it will probably have the opposite effect... I hope my publisher is impressed by my dedication! 5am!

Leigh Russell

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