Friday, 3 July 2009

Curzon Group Buzz

At a lunch organised by Matt Lynn, I was pleased to meet Alan Clements as well as new Curzon Group members - Leigh Russell and Clem Chambers. We were also pleased to hear that Anne Zouroudi was joining and all took home one of her novels to read.

The Chinese lunch was a lively affair with plenty of interesting ideas circulating amidst the dumplings and noodles and it was evident that everyone's looking forward to the airport tour in August. The Bookseller piece online and in print had certainly generated a lot of positive feedback since I met up with Matt to discuss the idea a few weeks ago and it's certainly got my publisher excited.

I then walked from the edge of Chinatown to Charlotte Mews for a meeting with them and picked up my hot-off-the-press copy of STOP ME. I filled my editor, Lara Crisp, in on the details and she was kind enough to feature us on the Allison and Busby blog which you can read here

Looks like we're cleared for takeoff.

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