Monday, 14 May 2012

Pulling The Wool

By Richard Jay Parker

I read another story over the weekend that illustrates how the modus operandi of the industry is quickly changing.  A self published e-book called WOOL that has enjoyed enormous Internet popularity has been in the middle of a bidding war between major Hollywood studios.

It's a sci-fi novel set in a dystopian future and it looks like Fox could be the winner.  The biggest winner, of course, is the enterprising author Hugh Howey.  Obviously stories such as these are thin on the ground but it does show you how ebooks are now being perceived as legitimate entities.

This has to be encouraging for any writer with talent and drive if not an agent and a publisher.

Hopefully this is the case of  the WOOL being lifted from the eyes and fingers crossed we'll see more and more of this sort of news in the future.

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