Friday, 27 April 2012

Frankenstein Publishing

By Richard Jay Parker

I see that Profile Books are launching an interactive app that will allow readers to navigate their way through Mary Shelley's Frankenstein from different perspectives.

This has, of course, necessitated rewriting the text.  That raises all sorts of questions about altering Shelly's work and vision.  But those aside it will be interesting to see if authors get on board in terms of their future works.  When writing a thriller it's difficult enough to keep track of your characters and subplots and attempt to hide relevant facts within the story without having to consider them from multiple perspectives.  Could be an interesting challenge.

Perhaps this is the way forward and it will be interesting to see if people go for this app.  They've certainly chosen an apt story to road test it with.  There are plenty that haven't set the windmill on fire.  Maybe the villagers won't like what the scientists are playing with here either.

It's good to keep an open mind though.  The important thing is that people continue to read and use their imaginations.

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