Friday, 11 November 2011

Chinese Whisperings

By Richard Jay Parker

My writing has taken many forms but recently I was very excited to be part of an interesting project involving writers from all over the world - Chinese Whisperings - The Yin and Yang Book.  I was invited by eMergent Publishing's editor, Jodi Cleghorn, to get involved in an anthology with a difference.  All of the stories are set in one location, during a specific event and feed off each other to create a solid whole.

The location is an airport and the event the grounding of all flights by fictitious airline, Pangean.  There was much debate about the feasibility of this but, as is so often the case, reality stepped in at an opportune moment when Qantas grounded all of its flights the weekend before last coinciding perfectly with the release of the paperback.

The book serves as a showcase for writing talent from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany with all of the authors using each other's stories as triggers for their own episodes.

It's a neat idea put together by Jodi and eMergent's UK co-founder and editor Paul Anderson and features work by Jen Brubacher, Jason Coggins, Annie Evett, Emma Newman and Carrie Clevenger amongst many other talented people.

The stories are as varied as the contributors and my own piece is an unsettling story with a twist that's pretty dark even by my standards.  You can now check out the paperback and the ebook at Amazon etc.

If you're a writer of quirky and original short stories then I thoroughly recommend you getting in touch with Jodi and Paul.  You can find their website by hitting the title of the book in the first para of this blog.

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