Friday, 7 October 2011


By Richard Jay Parker

I've noticed that a large percentage of online pieces about books and technology frequently use the phrase 'Death Of The Book.'  It was probably quite attention-grabbing a couple of years ago but now it seems to have lost its impact and doesn't guarantee as many hits.  It doesn't stop people using it though, particularly when they want to bring people's attention to an otherwise dull piece (like this one).

Whatever side of the debate you're on re the fate of the printed word maybe a similarly vigorous campaign could now be launched to bring about the death of the death of the book headline.

How about: 'The Protracted Asphyxiation Of The Book,' 'The Ignominious Death Rattle Of The Book,' 'The Gruesome Disembowelment Of The Book' or The Book Dies Screaming Bloody Murder As The Kindle Slips Back Into The Fog With Its Gladstone Bag.'

It would certainly grab people's attention again even if the piece offers no real insight into whether this will ever be the case (like this one).

All flowers and moribund suggestions welcome.

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  1. How about 'The Self-Inflicted Multiple Paper Cut Suicide Of The Novel'?

  2. Thanks, Emlyn. No imagination necessary for suicidal copies of Fahrenheit 451 then.