Monday, 15 August 2011

Amazon Addiction

By Richard Jay Parker

I've recently had to ban myself from looking at the Amazon download charts.  Having spent a few days sandwiched between Stieg Larsson and Dawn French (a bizarre position to be in) in the Amazon bestseller chart as well as rubbing shoulders with James Patterson, Lee Child and  Jo Nesbo in the Top Ten Thrillers and assorted summer sale/mystery charts I realise that monitoring these is not conducive to the writing day.

If STOP ME has gone up a position then the morning is off to an energetic start - down one and it takes the wind out of your sails.  The tendency for the book to shift up and down throughout the day is also very distracting.

The fact that my book made it anywhere near a chart let alone got to number 7 should be reward enough.  It's bad enough having emails and tweets tempting me away from the page so I must resist this new excuse for not working.  I'm now only looking at it once a day...maybe twice.

I think Iain Banks has got it right.  He has two computers - one set up for email etc the other solely for writing.

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