Monday, 10 January 2011

It's All A Game...

by Leigh Russell

We have a glitch in our television which defaults to Sky sport. It’s a strange sort of glitch which happens every time I leave the room, (but curiously never when my husband is out.) Thanks to this mysterious glitch, I do sometimes watch cricket and football (while busy on facebook, blogs, email, etc and yes, sometimes even writing…)
So I thought I’d share a few thoughts on cricket and football.
Cricket seems to me very similar to life, in that it’s generally completely incomprehensible. Occasionally I have a glimmer of comprehension, and think I understand something, but then it’s gone in the toss of a cricket ball and I’m baffled again. Yes, just like life.
Football is altogether simpler to understand. There’s a goal post at each end of the pitch and – well, you know the rest. The goals are a standard size and are always in the right place. In short, it couldn’t be less like life, where the goal posts move all the time.
Less than two years ago, I thought I’d be satisfied if my book was just published. Once Cut Short hit the shelves, all I wanted was to see a decent number of my books sold. When Cut Short sold out – and sold out again - all I wanted was to have a positive review.
Good reviews started to roll in and I just hoped Road Closed wouldn’t be a letdown – the 2nd book syndrome. Over that hurdle, with sales and reviews better than ever, and I’m on to wondering about how Dead End will be received.
But this evening I’m taking a break from thinking about my books.
A few days ago I sent the corrected proofs for the ebook of Road Closed to my publisher.
Yesterday I sent the tweaked and polished final draft of my WIP to my agent.
Today I sent the corrected proofs for Dead End back to my publisher.
Tomorrow I’m back to work, (and thinking about my next book which I’ve already planned!) But for this evening, I’m forgetting all about the goals, the books, the anxieties and aspirations.
Cricket, football, books – it’s game over for this evening!

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