Friday, 12 November 2010

The Wonder Of Blogs

By Richard Jay Parker

I've always worked to deadlines. A large proportion of writers generate material to them whether they be self imposed or enforced by a publisher, producer etc. A deadline is like a net around all those butterflies that you could quite happily allow to flutter about your head indefinitely

I'm usually a pretty ruthless, often unrealistic taskmaster. Writing is one of those processes that seems to happen in spite of everything else. I'm lucky to be able to devote daytime hours to it as well as cramming extra into the evenings (what a thorough party animal I am) but there'a always that gauntlet of reality to contend with before you can sit down to service your imagination.

It can be pretty frustrating at times - everything's in your head but you know that there's an assault course of mundane chores to tick off before you can open the tap.

It's during that time when deadlines are bad things. Blood pressure and clock hands accelerate and the work you wanted to have done by today becomes work you think you'll have done by next week.

I'm currently in that very position. I wanted to have a fine edit of a manuscript completed by today but know it's not going to happen. So what the hell am I doing writing this blog when I could be making time?

That's the beauty of writing a blog. It's like turning off the the treadmill for five minutes and collecting your thoughts.

I'll finish my edit next week because an extra day or two really isn't going to make any difference in the scheme of things. I also know my own deadlines are pretty merciless so I've got some leeway.

It's not always the case when you have people breathing down your neck but being frantic is the worst state of mind to be in when you need to focus.

Half an hour on a blog is like a deep breath. Just writing this has made me feel better.

Back to it now.

Maybe I can finish by today...

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  1. Wow man, seems like you are working hard. I feel exactly like you sometimes. But did you really only spend 30 minutes? I bet it was more like 2 hours. You looked around, did some edits. Read some comments, fixed a layout problem.

    Time flies.

    Draven Ames

  2. I agree with you about blog posts providing a repast from writing . . . a switching of the gears. One authors advice in last months Writer's Digest was "every word you write for your blog is one less word you'll write for your book." I don't agree with this philosphy. It's a bit of non-sequitor in fact.


  3. I'm reader. But I know deadlines very well from my job as a programmer. And sometimes it is worth to have a break and do something different.

    I hope you feel better now. Good luck for final edit.

  4. Thanks, Draven. Spring cleaning your computer is lethal - a real time gobbler.

    Hi, Dick - I think writing a blog is different to creative writing. You can really loosen up with it instead of being constrained by the internal logic of your plot. All writing makes you a better writer.

    Thanks, ediFanoB - I'm back to the rock face now but feel better thanks.