Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Curzon Group Panel

On June 2nd we took a Curzon Group Panel to Shepherds Bush Library at the new Westfield Shopping Centre. Adrian Lewis was there taking photographs so here we are in action. From the left: Matt Lynn, Leigh Russell, Tom Cain and Richard Jay Parker - all talking at once. Read more about it on Richard's post here on 4th June.


  1. Okay, you guys are smiling now, but that's only because you have one or two books to hold up. Soon, all of your books will be too heavy to carry and it will be too much stress on your backs! Oh, wait! You'll be smiling more then, won't you? LOL!
    It looked like you all had a great time. Great pictures!
    Congratulations and continued success.

  2. Thanks, James. We were careful to smile when the camera was on us... the cameraman airbrushed out the knife in Matt's hand in the top photo... and you can't see the gun Richard is hiding behind his book... and is that a bottle of arsenic concealed behind one of the piles of books on the table...