Thursday, 20 May 2010

A new author no longer...

I have just heard from my publisher that a box of ROAD CLOSED has been sent from the printers direct to CrimeFest. Tomorrow, for the first time, I will see a finished copy of my second book. I am so excited! I wouldn't have thought the publication of a second book would be so exciting. After all, I've been here before. Been there, done that - yes, I've even got the Tshirt... (In a mad moment I bought a white T-shirt with the cover of CUT SHORT printed on the front. I thought I might wear it to book signings... And no! I've never worn it!) I'm surprised how excited I am about ROAD CLOSED. The book is larger than CUT SHORT, and it even has printing inside the cover. I tried to post the full cover images here, front and back, but can't upload pdf images on the blog. Inside the front cover is a picture of CUT SHORT. Inside the back cover is with a photo of - well, me, looking like... Are you still awake?
The manager at WH Smith's in Watford called me today to tell me they ordered the last 48 copies of CUT SHORT for my visit at the end of May. No Exit are now out of stock of CUT SHORT. But don't panic! (?) CUT SHORT is being reprinted for the THIRD time in its first year, so more copies will be out very soon. Please check the schedule on my publisher's website if you'd like to come along and have a chat when I'm out touring around. Between now and the end of 2010 I'll be signing in bookshops, appearing at festivals or giving talks in libraries in these areas: Bristol, Watford, Reading, Shepherds Bush, Bedford, Ickenham, Ruislip, Hitchin, Harrow, Brent Cross, Norwich, Kenton, Cambridge, Earls Court, Yiewsley, St Albans, Tunbridge Wells, London, York, Newcastle, Heathrow T5, Heathrow T1, Chichester, Havant, Pinner, Hatfield, Guildford, Southampton, Winchester, Windsor, Basingstoke... for details. I think that's probably enough for 2010, although there are a few more stores that would like me to return in the autumn... So please come in and say hello if I'm in your area. I'll be wearing purple, and if I'm not already chatting to someone, I'll be scribbling behind a pile of books...


  1. Congratulations to you on all of the success.

  2. Thank you very much, James Garcia Jr. If you are in the UK I hope you can come along to one of my events and say hello. As for the success - well, so far so good.
    Leigh Russell