Friday, 19 March 2010

You Have to Love Twitter

Matt Lynn, Richard Jay Parker and Zoe Sharp are speaking at Derby Library tonight, so here's a post to cover their absence.

Many in the publishing industry fear that electronic media are threatening to replace printed material. But a recent post on The Literary Project illustrates how, by adopting a co-operative approach, new media can provide valuable support to traditional books and even help promote their sales.

According to Gemma Noon of The Literary Project, 'You have to love twitter. Less than an hour after I sent out a random tweet along the lines of"anyone know a debut crime novelist who might like to be interviewed?" than a couple of people tweet back Leigh Russell's name at me.'

As a direct result of readers tweeting her name, Leigh Russell was interviewed on The Literary Project, an interview bound to boost sales of her debut thriller, CUT SHORT.

Read the interview
with Leigh Russell on
The Literary Project March 19th


  1. Hey Brit crime/thriller writers - which of you are also on Twitter as well as Leigh? I want to follow you!

  2. That reminds me I need to interview Leigh!

    Twitter definitely helps get the word out about books.