Friday, 19 February 2010

Twitter Holics

By Richard Jay Parker

After last week's blog I had a lot of responses via this page but mostly through DMs about the addictive qualities of Twitter. It appears a lot of people out there need their little tweet to get them going in the morning. An itchiness if they're away from the computer too long is another symptom. DTs (Delirium Twitters) anyone? Shame you can't wrap Twitter in brown paper. At least it's not taxed yet.

I can see why people lose so many hours to it particularly those who earn their full-time living by spending their time with only a keyboard for company. It's a great way to make connections with others and stave off lunch hour boredom and loneliness. Because we all only use it during our lunch hour don't we...

But as well as being a great social network for writers it's also brought some great writers and books directly into my home. In fact, the last three I've read have all been through Twitter. It's become another way to politely persuade readers to try you out.

It's make or break with STOP ME. It has great positioning in WHSmith airport and station outlets in their Buy One Get One Free promotion and has made it into the top 50. But it's only got so long to prove itself. One of the pitfalls of this whole process is feeling helpless about what more you can do to make people invest in your work. I can do signings and talks, blogs and interviews but that only goes so far. After that I just have to hope that discerning readers will want to take a gamble and part with their hard-earned money in shops, via Amazon and the home page of my website.

In the meantime, Twitter is certainly a great way to continue to tap people on the shoulder while the fickle retail gods decide whether they're going to smile or not.
Now, sir/madam. Something for the weekend?


  1. LOL I love it the "DT's", so aptly true too. I have too found a few books to read via promotion on twitter. I hope to see many more of your wonderful books gracing my bookshelf over the years.

  2. Twitter Holics and DTs - great description. Your Friday Blog is always a good read - never miss it.

  3. I think twitter is good for authors - great way to get the word out.

  4. The last four books I have read (and those currently on my 'To Read' shelf) have all been courtesy of Twitter.
    I like being able to give a review directly to the author via Twitter too.

  5. I was a now and again twitterer (?) but now have to check in several times a day. The excellent Stop Me has so far been my only "Twitter Book"...I still have three or four on my bedside table to read but am always up for recommendations. I also enoy the blog.

  6. Thanks, grumpybybirth. Sounds like you've suffered from the DTs as well...

    Many thanks for your support, karmaperle. It's great to know you check in regularly.

    Yunaleska's right - Twitter works on so many levels for writers - whatever stage they're at in their careers.

    It's great to have that instant feedback, Nikki. Twitter readers are an invaluable way to gauge what works and what doesn't.

    Thanks for stopping by Zummerzetlass - and thanks for buying STOP ME!

  7. I know I suffer from DT's on occasion, and of course I only check my tweets/FB/stats/emails during lunch hour ;)

  8. Thanks for calling in Madison. Seems there's a justification for Twitterites Anonymous.