Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hooked on Writing

Matt Lynn asks whether writing is an intrinsically depressing profession.
Depression is an ambiguous word. In our own ways, most of us feel depressed at times. This can be caused by external circumstances, not the same as clinical depression which, like any other illness, strikes for no reason.
Creative problems can trigger feelings of depression. Is this an external trigger?
I arrived home yesterday after driving on icy roads in a journey horrendous by anyone's standards. My car wasn't a wreck. I was. Dinner, favourite TV comedy, a nip of whiskey, utterly failed to restore my equanimity.
Ten minutes on my keyboard, another chapter done, and I returned to my usual faintly warped state of mind.
For me, writing isn't depressing. Not writing is.
Leigh Russell


  1. "For me, writing isn't depressing. Not writing is."

    I love it, and I really agree.