Sunday, 23 August 2009

Amazon Charts: Straight in with a bullet.

I can’t underline how happy it makes me to see the Armageddon Trade at number 23 in the Amazon charts for Mysteries. As I write I’m 27 in the Crime, Thrillers and Mystery uber-category. Dan Brown is one place above me and three below.
You have to be obsessive-compulsive to write a novel. I at least like to believe I’m not the only driven compulsive writer out there. As such the Amazon charts are a particular torture for writers like me that are easily hooked by things that twitch. The Amazon charts are an addiction.
Writing a novel is a big job, a mountain of graft strewn with boulders of self-doubt that must be scrambled over time and again. For a first timer it is an almost insurmountable challenge.
So to see yourself finally in amongst the titans of fiction on Amazon feels like a warm Belgium chocolate massage performed by identical twin supermodels.
Perhaps the Armageddon trade will twitch higher, but soon enough it will fall Icarus-like from the heavens.
Unless of course you buy a copy, perhaps even several!
Clem Chambers

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  1. Well The Armageddon Trade hit no 12 in Crime, Thrillers and Mystery and 104 overall on Tuesday 25th, then went out of stock and now languishes at 7000 or so. It was fun while it lasted.